After all the nonsense with Twitter and Elon’s antics, I was discussing late last year with some colleagues if we should all go back to a time when blogs were more mainstream (for the average individual). We were exchanging new year resolutions and I told them that I would like to write more on my (now defunct/empty) blog this year. Incidentally, someone over at The Verge also wrote about it.

All my old content is gone, not that it would have been useful to anyone, but my biggest barrier to writing was the fact that I did not have an easy to use blogging platform (I will not be going back to Wordpress after being backdoored several times over the two decades I was using it, likely due to vulnerabilities in the plug-in ecosystem). Using a Jekyll based static site reduced the attack surface, but in turn increased the barrier for making quick posts. I had to fire up my laptop and run the Jekyll process to preview the content before posting it to a git repo which would then trigger a static site rebuild/refresh over at

Right now, I am trying a happy medium where I am creating this post on my iPhone as I am laying in bed, using the Working Copy app to publish directly to my blog’s git repo. I have a rudimentary preview of the markdown content within the working copy app but not a preview of how it would look in Jekyll. I think that is sufficient for the text content that I mostly intend to publish. In a follow up post, I will write about some of the things I want to do this year (including write at least a hundred posts on this blog). Thank you for reading (if anyone is haha).