• Wordpress sites backdoored again

    One of the reasons I moved away from Wordpress was the fact that I seemed to be permanently backdoored with shady content showing up to search engines but not to normal users. Moving to a static site was not a bad idea after all, after seeing this recent report on ArsTechnica that hundreds of Wordpress site were backdoored. It is likely true that this is not a problem with Wordpress per se, but with addons that have vulnerabilities, including those that have been abandoned but still in use. If you do decide to use Wordpress, you have to absorb that risk or face the consequences.

  • Jekyll trouble

    Now that the blog is live, a significant portion of my time was spent towards setting it up to match my original Wordpress setup, which included the ability to add comments, and analytics.

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  • Perhaps the year the blogosphere returns

    After all the nonsense with Twitter and Elon’s antics, I was discussing late last year with some colleagues if we should all go back to a time when blogs were more mainstream (for the average individual). We were exchanging new year resolutions and I told them that I would like to write more on my (now defunct/empty) blog this year. Incidentally, someone over at The Verge also wrote about it.

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  • Blog migration!

    I finally decided to kill my blog that’s been online since the early 2000s. I haven’t been updating the posts and the site was riddled with backdoors and shady content that was only visible to search engines. A static site reduces the attack surface and is also less expensive (free!) and hence I bit the bullet and I’m in the process of updating DNS et al. Unfortunately I was unable to migrate all my existing content to the new jekyll site using existing tools and I do not have the time to attempt to roll these tools on my own, So, I am abandoning my content and instead attempting to restart the blog entirely. Lets see where this takes me!